Roof Inspections

A roof is a “water evacuation system,” in that it has parts that work together to prevent water intrusion into you home. Unfortunately, not all parts of a roof have the same life expectancy.  The purpose of a roof inspection is to…

  1. Assess the condition of the roof;
  2. Inform homeowners about the condition of their roof;
  3. Educate the homeowner about the material and life expectancy of those materials.

During the assessment, we make an inventory of the materials used to construct the roof, the age and condition of those materials, and notes if there is any damage from wind, hail, trees, or animals. We also note age, condition, and installation method of any accessories.

After and inspection, we recommend one of the following:

  1. No repairs, and reinspect every few years;
  2. Roof Tune-Up to reseal and extend the life of your roof;
  3. Repair minor issues such as missing shingles, patch work for holes, and gutter replacements;
  4. Roof replacement via either the insurance or retail processes, which will be determined by all of the factors covered in the inspection.